Android Wear 2017

Google - Android Wear 2017


Google Android Wear 2017

Again this year, i got to direct this wonderful series of videos for the Google Android Wear 2.0 watch. This was all done in camera, with practical effects, nothing was comped or erase in post. And most of all, these are all one take sequense plan. I really ambitioned with all the lighting gags that I wanted to do, and DP Christophe Colette made my dreams come true. All in real time on dimmer board, light changed colors and moved. Art department and reel SFX where on point with the changing decors, flipping walls, rolling furniture and more. Check out the 4 films.


Director : Karim Zariffa
Agency : Chapters SF
DOP : Christophe Colette
Production : 1st ave Machine
Art director : David Pelletier