Artv Bali

Stop-motion - TV idents


Artv Ident

This is an ID for the TV station ARTV. I did this stop motion piece during my many months experimenting in Bali using most of the crafts that I saw every day. Usually, I use them separately to work on craft design objects but this time, I wanted to mix them all up and really show you how I see Bali after spending so much time on this island. First, there is a big bamboo and coconut leaf structure all around the installation (usually use in front of the houses of newlyweds), then fruit baskets (an offering to the gods), and then chicken baskets (getting ready for their next fight). To finish, the logo is made of stone, wood, and rattan, three of the most used materials in Bali for sculptures or furniture.


Director artist : Karim Zariffa
Client : ARTV DOP : Josh Maupin
Producer : Dewa Arjana
Intern : Gabrielle Matte
Makers : Wayan, Dewa, Wayan, etc...